Six Simple One-Light Portrait Photography Setup YouTube Tutorials

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, these illuminating YouTube videos can add to your photography skills repertoire. Don't have much cash, or only one speedlight? Then do not fret! Here are six instructional and fun, one light, Portrait photography setups, that anyone with a speedlight and a softbox can try.


It's not often that you may find yourself in a tire factory. But if by chance you are visiting one today or any other day, then here is a great environmental portrait photography project for you that is tutored by the great photography guru Bryan Peterson. (Note: This can be shot in any factory).

The fantastic photography educators, Tony and Chelsea Northrup, take you through an easy to pick up, step by step, home sitting room setup, using an off camera speedlight and and couple of umbrellas. They then venture outdoors to show you how to use the daylight and sunlight in conjunction with a speedlight. Enjoy!

An incredibly fun tutorial using a speedlight for a flash painting portrait shot by Good Light! Clips. If you have not tried this before, just remember to open your shutter for a long exposure when taking this shot.

If you only have a tiny space to work in then fear not. Let the incomparable Mark Wallace walk you through an easy to set up, portrait shoot, using a gridded softbox and one flash head, in a very small hotel room in Paris. You too can get some fantastic contrast in your lighting using Mark's methods.

Get your bucket out and make sure your room is waterproof. This fun shoot by Gavin Hoey will have you wishing you had more towels. If you do not have an assistant, remember to put your camera on Timer mode. You will need a short flash duration to freeze the water in the shot, so keep your speedlight power low.

In this informative tutorial, J.P Morgan shows you what it takes to light a face, explaining how to control highlights and shadows with fill cards and how to create separation between the model and background. The elaborate equipment that J.P. uses can be substituted with your own lights and hairdryer.

I hope that you have learned something new and found any or all of these Portrait Photography video interesting. YouTube is a fantastic resource for photographers that want to expand their skills.  See ya soon...