7 Essential Street Photography YouTube Videos

Street photography is one of the more difficult photography genres to master due to the fact that your subjects may hate you even before your have clicked the shutter button.  Thankfully here are seven essential YouTube videos offering advice, inspiration and tips to learn from, before you hit the streets.


Kai may not be working at DigitalRev TV anymore, but you can still take a nostalgic trip with him in Hong Kong via YouTube. However, you will need a 50mm lens and make sure to dress in your shabbiest clothing.


Get on a travel booking website and book your next trip to Salzburg! Photographer Thomas Leuthard is revealing some street photography ninja tips from this beautiful Austrian city, in this video from COOPH.  If you have wireless capabilities in your camera then use them...make sure you pack your mobile phone!.


Eric Kim's informative and educational video delves into compositional techniques:  Leading Lines, Depth and layers and Triangles.  Interesting concepts such as the Fibonacci Spiral and the Golden Ratio are discussed too.  Expand your photographic knowledge!


Learn from the master, John Free, as he guides you through the streets and showcases his street photography knowledge, style and professionalism, giving invaluable tips.  Having the right attitude and understanding is essential for this kind of photography and John has that in droves.


It is important to know how to approach strangers when shooting photos on the streets. Bob Roman shows you a tried and tested method.  Find a shady area and help your subject with the posing. After this video, you will be getting business cards ready!


Got a 24mm lens and want some inspiration?  Then check out these excellent black and white, wide angle, street photos by Christophe Debon. Shot on the streets of Paris, these are awesome, dramatic portrait shots, coupled with a dramatic soundtrack from Francis Ford Coppola's 'Dracula'.


It all comes back to Kai.  Finally, here he is again, back in Hong Kong, but this time from his new, personal YouTube channel.  He shows us the benefits and pitfalls of three different lenses for street photography.  The wide angle 28mm and 35mm and a 50mm lens.  Enjoy...