7 Beginner Art Tutorial Videos on YouTube

Everybody should attempt painting and drawing at some point in their lives. It is not only fun, it can be healing, calming meditative too.  Many people find that they have a creative flair for artwork, and it becomes not only a hobby & passion, but a lifetime career. For others it can just be a lifelong hobby.

The beauty of the internet is that you can find a zillion decent articles, videos, blogs and tutorials for professional artists hobbyists and Sunday afternoon doodlers.

YouTube is one such resource for anyone who is looking to learn new art skills and imporove their artwork.

Here are 7 cool art tutorials for beginners.

Using just the colour blue, here is Mr Otter Art Studio showing you how to layer you artwork, creating a simple, yet beautiful, Landscape in Watercolour.


Grab a 9 x 12 canvas board, a bunch of acrylic paints, Cadmium Red, Medium Shade, Mars Black,
Phthalo Blue (Green Shade), Titanium White, Yellow Ocher, and Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid Gloss. Then head on over to Cinnamon Cooney, 'The Art Sherpa', as she teaches you to paint a Pop art style girl with a really cool hat.


Brush, ink, pencil and watercolor, that's all you need to make an abosoutely stunning Illustration with the excellent Allison Woodward over at opusartsupplies.  Starting with sketching Allison takes you through the whole process, including line work, grey washing and watercolouring.


Draw a realistic eye with a pencil. This video is step by step and is brilliant because of Tom McPherson's calming narration and simple yet effective method.


Keep calm and have some fun! Learn to doodle in your spare time, anywhere! A great video by Art ala Carte.


ime to learn about soft chalk pastels with the superb Michael Howley at ArtTutor.com.  This is an indepth tutrorial and by the end your chalk pastel skill level will be elevated to Master of Pastels!


A simple yet stunning sunset if what you'll be drawing, armed with your new soft Pastel knowledge.  If you have only oil pastels this artwork is still achievable. The soothing music and narration with put you in the flow!  Here is Leontine van vliet.

These seven beginner art tutorials are a good starting point for anyone of any age who wants to take their first steps into the wonderful world of art. I believe that painting and drawing is one of those special, creative hobbies.  Not only is it productive and fun, but it is also truly relaxing and soothing for the mind.