Which image is Scariest? How to shoot a portrait of a toy clown & frighten myself silly question

I've been trying to out scare myself with a portrait shoot of a model of a clown I picked up.  I am a horror aficionado and I do not scare easily, so I was looking for different perspectives and focal lengths to create a still life image that was unnerving to look at. I also used a dirty sheet of clear plexiglass that I placed in front of the clown, to give the impression that he is looking at you, through a window. The lighting is simply a gridspot raked across the clown's face from camera left.

I think the devil is in the detail, when it comes to post processing.  The tone that I choose, or whether it is black and white, what level of sharpness or softness shall I pick.  These elements are where I can add the emotion, or in this case the coldness and fear.  This where the image comes to life! I think I will call him 'Hideo the Clown'.

I personally think that the first B&W image and the final out of focus image are the scariest, what do you think?