7 Natural Light Portrait Photography YouTube Videos

Strobes, speedlights...who needs them? Here are 7 great natural light portrait YouTube photography tips.

Craig Becta shows you how to effectively shoot a model in harsh midday sunlight and get great results with reflectors and diffusion, using a  just 5 in 1 reflector. A must buy for any aspiring portrait photographer.

If you are shooting a portrait shot at the Golden Hour, then Jessica Kobeissi can help you with these essential tips, such as shooting with the sun behind the model. She also reveals some posing tips too.

If you ever find yourself near bright sunlight, yet you happen to be shielded by the shade, then call on Mark Wallace who will show you how to take stunning 'Open Shade' portrait photography!

Miguel Quiles shoots wide open at f/1.8 in the studio, utilising light coming in through the patio window.  He simply uses a handheld reflector and a collapsible backdrop and makes well exposed shots, making sure that the eyes are in focus!

If you struggle for space and equipment, then fear not.  This video is shot in a tiny kitchen with just a small window for light and a piece of white cardboard for the reflector.  Great tips with a simple set up, this is excellent if you are just starting out…

If you are shooting in a busy location and are wondering which aperture and lens to use to produce atmospheric shots and retain a sense of the hubbub in your photos, then look no further than ‘Weekly Imogen’ who knows how to get great natural light portraits in crowds!

Finally Jared Polin proves that you can take cool, natural light portraits not only anywhere, as he is taking photos in a junk filled warehouse, but also with a 600mm lens! Once again, soft window light is the star of the show….

Well, there you have it, seven educational and informative natural light portrait photography videos. Look out for future photography video tips, coming soon...