The Artist Interviews - A New Passion

I have read various interviews with photographers and artists scattered around the web, on art and photography websites.

I like learning what inspires these people. From what led to their artistic career path, to the challenges that they face in getting the perfect shot. How they tackle the whole process from an almost formed idea to their choice of painting medium; and what lenses, landscape, and wildlife photographers travel with and use mostly.


These are just a minuscule part of the building blocks of the creative's lifestyle. The fundamentals that bring about beautiful artwork and inspirational photography.

I felt a calling, a need to capture this kind of information and photography and share it with other artists and lovers of art too. To give voices to people who are just as talented as the famous, yet have not been given the platform to open up about their craft.

The social media sites are excellent platforms for showing their work and publicising their blogs, yet they are so gigantic and posts are so fleeting, I feared that it is all too easy for posts to drift away unseen.


This is why I have created 'The Artist Interviews'. A central hub for the artistic to reveal their process, inspire like-minded people and display some of their work. A place where everyone can access, read at their leisure, come back to, and enjoy.

I hope to interview as many photographers and artists as possible, so if you are interested please drop me an email.