8 Fantastic Photography Resources on the Web

If you're tired of trawling the internet for Photography tips, articles and camera advice, then you have come to the right place.  What lies ahead is a collection of eight of the best Photography resource websites that the world wide web has to offer.

For beginners tips and tutorials look no further than Digital Photography School. The website is simple to navigate and is a huge resource of articles, featuring every Photography genre imaginable. Photo editing? It's covered!  Lens and camera reviews! They have got them.

Another clean looking website is Light Stalking.  Excellent tutorials and interesting articles on dynamic Photographers and diverse photographic techniques make this a must visit for any hobbyist or pro.

For a deep delve into photography techniques and fantastic educational articles then you must visit Picture Correct. The no-nonsense website has superb tutorials for any level of photographer, covering camera usage, Portrait Photography, Action, Still Life and much more. They also have interesting articles covering all aspects of lighting.

Photographer Lee Morris’ and Patrick Hall's Fstoppers is another great tutorial resource. This website is great because of the community that resides here. Join in on the action and submit your best photos. Participate in the group of your choice and meet new like-minded photographers, get feedback and learn! Fstoppers also creates quality YouTube content and produces top class courses, which you can purchase in the store.

For the very best in camera reviews, news and intense forum activity then head on over to DPREVIEW aka Digital Photography Review. This site is the bread and butter of online Photography websites, all photographers seem to gravitate to DPREVIEW at some point. Besides the in-depth reviews, there are also fun, photo challenges that you can participate in and excellent forums for any camera brand owner and Photography genre.

Photography Life offers in-depth musings on the world of Photography as well as detailed tutorials and tips.  They also have a great forum, comments section, and superb reviews.

DIY Photography features all the usual excellent tips and tutorials pieces, yet they also have a section on do it yourself articles.  No need to spend a fortune on Diffusers, light stands, and other equipment.  DIY Photography has the know-how on creating your own studio tools and support systems from inexpensive materials and everyday household objects.  A truly invaluable resource.

For up to the minute Photography news and views visit PetaPixel. They have the latest news on your favourite photography equipment and camera brand and information on soon to be released lenses. They also have excellent opinion pieces, tutorials and inspiring content to keep your photographic mind buzzing away!