Crafting A Still Life Silhouette Image
The Evening

The Evening

Sometimes revealing the subject in its stark naked form is not the clearest option for showing off the subject. Having items that have a defined, strong shape, such as the cat statue and the leaves from a bunch of flowers, are universally recognized from their form and shape alone and will make perfect Still Life silhouetted images.

In this image, 'The Evening', The cat's ears are clearly visible, striking, clean and upright. The face is rigid and pronounced. The feline’s frame is strong yet relaxed.

The curvature of the leaves and bend of the stalk, gives the tree a windswept look and also the branches of the twig perfectly shade the cat.

The choice to compose the image as a silhouette, is because of these recognizable qualities in these figures and because of their strong contours and presence.

If the cat's ears were floppy or non existent the silhouette would not work so well.  If the body was fat or too thin the image would not be as strong. Similarly, if the twig had round buds or a thick misshapen stalk, as a silhouette, the branch would be less striking.

Fotr the background, he choice to go with the dark orange colour, representing nightfall, reflects the calm pose of the cat. The day has ended, her work is done. Time to reflect, and bask in the evening. The deep orange adds to the atmosphere of the photo.  If the gradient was more yellow, reflecting the daytime sun, I would expect the cat to be on the prowl, hunting for food to feed her family.

Not all Still Life compositions can become silhouette shots. They require specific items that are strongly defined in their substance and shape.