The Elephant Idea
From the Dark

From the Dark

I wanted to say something about this new photo of mine. I have always been an animal lover and when I found this elephant sitting on a shelf in the living room display cabinet, I knew that I had to photograph it.

It is only a small model, yet there is a realistic texture and colour to the Elephant. When I pictured the proposed photograph in my mind, the 1980, David Lynch film, ‘The Elephant Man’ flitted through my brain. Grainy and black and white, I remembered a scene where you just see a close up of the Elephant’s body in virtual darkness. To me, it made the creature look very beastly and raw. I think that was Lynch's idea too.

So I took this memory and I used it to inspire this image. My idea was to reveal as much texture as possible yet use shallow depth of field to focus on small parts of the Elephant’s frame.

The almost black background and having only certain areas in focus, creates a kind of a dreamlike quality. I raked light from two grid spots across the Elephant to reveal texture, but just on certain portions. My idea was to maintain this dreamlike quality not just with the DOF, but with also what is visible (and not visible) with the lighting too.

It is definitely one of my more simpler pieces of work, yet I feel it is one of my most effective, as I have used the lighting and the depth of field to create a very specific atmosphere and to draw the viewers eyes into the image and to view it in a certain way.

I really enjoy photographing small models of animals, people, cars, bikes, natural artefacts or pretty much anything. I wonder if there is anything that any kind of creature, or any other models, that you readers might like to see photographed?