Inspirational and Artistic Changes to My Photography
I'm inspired now...

I'm inspired now...

So I am making some changes to my photography workload. So that I can realise my true passion I have decided to concentrate on my Still Life images, here on my website. In my quest for the weird and the wonderful, it is creating these photographs that give me the most joy and inspiration. I still enjoy the Product photography and the Jewellery photography very much and I hope to incorporate them into my artwork.

Yet going ahead I hope that these images that I will create will, in turn, will be inspirational and pleasing for people that see them and hopefully want them.

I derive so much pleasure when composing and lighting these photos, that by this early February, in 2016, I know that this is the Photographic route I must stay on for the years ahead.

However I still relish the idea of working with Product and jewellery photography so that I would like continue with these too.

Yet you will find my core work in the artistic ’Still Life’ page, on Red Town Photography.

Watch this space.