12 Fantastic Food Photography YouTube Video Tips & Tutorials

12 Fantastic Food Photography YouTube Video Tips & Tutorials

I wanted to branch out from the norm in my blog this week with a few Food Photography tips; tabletops are still involved so I am not completely usurping my passion for Product Photography. Enjoy!


Top 5 Ways For Improving Food Photography Composition

We Eat Together

Shoot from top down, lock your camera on a tripod and more….Great Composition is essential to Food photography. Here are 5 excellent tips that will enhance your Food photography composition.

Food and Product Photographer, Rick Gayle: How'd They Do That?


Photographer Rick Gayle takes you through a technical shoot, involving studio lighting, props, and subject matter. Plus food Stylist Kim Krejca reveals essential tools and skills for styling perfection, in this interview by Mark Wallace at Adorama.com

Defining "Natural Luxury" by Controlling Light with William Brinson


Creating an emotional mood and feeling with lighting in your photographs will engage the customer and the viewer. This is a wonderful skill to develop in Still Life Photography. William Brinson speaks about his philosophy and processes in achieving beautiful and emotive imagery.

Food Photography: Salmon Main Course

Forrest Tanaka

A technical lighting set--up with 2 strobes, ND Filters and Polarizers, is the key to a great looking Salmon dish. Forrest Tanaka shows you how he uses key and fill lighting in his photography in this fantastic tutorial.

Food Photography Without Expensive Gear - Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquadt

Find yourself in a restaurant and then find your lighting.  You don’t need expensive gear to make good food photographs and you can do it in any cafe. A very interesting informative tutorial by photographer Chris Marquadt.

Quick Tip: Using Diffusers with Food Photography

Nicole S Young

Simple diffusion in front of the window can improve your food photography by helping to soften the light on your scene. Nicole S Young shows you how with this quick tip.

The art of food photography

The Chicago Tribune

What is the process for shooting professional Food photography for newspapers, online and magazines?  The journalistic approach is explained by Bill Hogan and Joan Moravek at The Chicago Tribune.

Food photography, photographing a cake.

Phillip McCordall

Food can be temperamental, it can sweat in the heat and can go rock hard when left alone for too long, so make sure you have a replacement when photographing your food.  The great Phillip McCordall speaks about the pitfalls of working with food and walks you through an intricate lighting process, as he works with a tasty looking cake.  

Food Photography: Lighting and Compositional Basics

B and H

The excellent New York Times photographer Andrew Scrivani speaks about the basics of food photography, from creating an emotive image that tells a story, to composition, lighting and the necessity for good styling. If you are thinking of becoming a food photographer, this instructional lecture is a must see.

The Naked Food Photographer - Food Photography, Stripped Down


As a beginner you have got to start somewhere. Preparation. Presentation. And Photographarization! Food photography is all about these 3 Ps according to Kai. Lok and Kai reveal their fun cooking and shooting task at DigitalRev TV.

Photoshop Tutorial: The Two Most Important Tools Food Photographers Must Know

We Eat Together

Skyler again with a Photoshop tutorial where he shows you two essential tools for Food photography post processing.  He shows you how to adjust your images and make them pop using adjustment layers and also his preferred method for exporting images to make them sharp for screen and printing.

Food Photography With Natural Light Tutorial


Food Stylist Maria L. Rodriguez prepares the food and photographer Sasha Gitin uses diffusion, a turkey baster, a cigar and natural window light, to photograph a delicious looking Gumbo at LearnMyShot.com

I hope you enjoyed these video tips.  If you want any other style of photography tips collection, on my blog, please let me know in the comments and I will gather the tips.