10 Great Product and Still Life Photography Videos on YouTube
Shiny metal, highly reflective, lit with grids and bounce cards for smooth highlights.

Shiny metal, highly reflective, lit with grids and bounce cards for smooth highlights.

I’ll keep this simple...10 great photographers with 10 great techniques for lighting and shooting Products and Still Life that you can do at home. Enjoy.


How to photograph Shiny Reflective Objects Silver Chrome Metal

Using just a clamp lamp and diffusion paper, Robert Grant from Learnmyshot.com shows you a very simple set up and process for shooting shiny, reflective objects; in this video it is knives and forks.


How to do Smoke Photography

A couple of Speedlights, a cake, some candles and a dangerous fire is all that is needed for this smoke photography exercise. The fun and charming Kai and his cohorts, Lok and Alamby, from DigitalRevTV, make a mess but shoot some great photos in this hilarious video.


How to Shoot a Bottle and a Glass

Phillip McCordall uses just a bedside lamp and some black and white bounce cards to light this classy looking Wine Bottle and glass, Still Life photo.  Anyone with a camera can do this.


iPhone as a camera for a studio product photographer: screw Hasselblad!

Alex Koloskov from Photigy uses an iPhone to create a professional quality photograph of a glass of Whiskey with ice. He places only one LED spotlight source on the back wall to create a gradient behind the glass.


Karl Taylor's Hi-End Product Shoot - Made Easy!

Using various light modifiers on four Strobes and tracing paper for diffusion, Karl Taylor gives you an informative technical breakdown of his lighting set, for this fantastic professional whiskey bottle and glass shoot.


Jewellery Photography for Catalogues

Tony Roslund shows you his interesting process for shooting Jewellery catalogue photography; starting with the preparation, with mounting the necklace on a white stand and then using a technical lighting set up, a macro lens and a macro rail to get the necklace in perfect sharpness with focus stacking.


Amazing bokeh photo technique

One of the simplest ways to shoot ‘Bokeh’ - blurred out background. Watch and learn from Gavin Hoey as he uses some Christmas Lights, a wide Aperture and a nice box, to make great still life photography with a beautiful background light blur.  Post processing included.


Edge Lighting: Wine

No words spoken in this video, just some catchy eighties style, synth music plays, as Tony Generico shows off his skills. He takes you through his pre-production, to lighting and shooting process, where he creates a stunning bottle and glass, edge lighting photo, that will leave you wanting to give this a go as soon as it is over.


Product / Commercial Photography (Shoe)

This is a very informative Product photography video by Jim DiVitale. He teaches you the technical process for photographing shoes for on a white background for a commercial catalogue shoot. He also gives some invaluable information on white balance and colour profiles for product photography.


Simple Product Photography - OnSet ep. 24

Get your C Stands out! Daniel Norton at Adorama shows you his set up for this simple sunglasses shoot, using one light, a white background and a large diffusion panel.


So there it is. 10 Great Still Life and Product photography YouTube Videos for you to learn from and love. Stay tuned for more, in another blog post soon.