An interview with Artist Kim Leutwyler

'Right now the biggest challenge I've set for myself is to capture even more diversity in my portraits. My current limitations are time and an ongoing quest to find more people who will allow me to paint them. I explore a very small percentage of the queer-identified and allied population in my work. Androgyny, body art, gender confirmation surgery and piercings are not uncommon among the people you see in my work.'

Mark Edmonds - The Artist Interview

'I'm not always consciously aware of decisions I make regarding the use of colour or composition exactly. I used to meditate quite a lot and that coupled with a lifetime of daydreaming has a profound influence on the way I work. I suppose it's a bit like deliberately shutting down the rational side of the brain in favour of intuition and emotion. I often paint with my feelings rather than making analytical choices, those come later on when I decide the time is right to abandon a piece or continue working with it.'

An interview with Artist Anna Koon

'The paintings, even the smallest ones, take a lot of time and materials to create.  In no particular order, I use pencil, colored pencils, charcoal, inks, pastels, acrylic paint, gouache, oil pastels, and permanent markers.  Each layer is sealed.  I then use a shellac to protect the painting overall and allow the work to be handled. '