About Redski

Red Town Photography photographic artist details.

I am Redski Redd, a still life, studio photographer, that specialises in unusual, quirky and fun, photographic artwork.

My influences stem from film, music and photography.  From the set designs and perfection of Stanley Kubrick to the atmosphere of and weirdness of David Lynch and the emotion and beauty of Krzysztof kieslowski . The innovation and rawness of Daft Punk and photography masters such as Harold Feinstein, Andreas Gursky, Richard Avedon and Henri Cartier-Bresson.  

I love to focus my work on the weird and the wonderful, from angels to demons, weird objects to elephants and apes; to comic book characters and flowers.  I also love all things Horror related and for me, it is important that my passions are conveyed in my artwork.

In the studio, the key to photographic beauty is in the lighting and composition, once these elements are exacted then that is when the magic happens.

Redski Redd

Redski Redd